Danny Dog
Danny Dog
Danny as he appears in the opening sequence.
Species Shiba Inu
Gender Male
First Appearance "The Stolen Necklace"
Voiced By Hiroshi Takemura (Japanese)

Danny Dog (JP: Johnny Kraft) is one of Patty Rabbit's friends. He is around 8 years old and, in North American merchandising, has a twin brother named Donny Dog. His mother Mrs. Dog (JP: Nancy) and father Dr. Dog (JP: Harrison) are the nurse and doctor respectively of the Maple Town Hospital.


Danny is most likely a Shiba Inu. He wears a white shirt with a red stripe on the sleeves and triangular collar, blue-black overalls, white socks with single red stripes, and brown shoes. He is sometimes seen wearing round glasses with black frames, especially when studying or reading a book.

In the beginning of the Maple Town Stories Movie, he wears a light blue patrol cap. It later falls off his head during the hot air balloon trip.

On the US VHS box art for Medicine from Maple Mountain, his appearance is vastly different compared to his regular anime appearance. He is shown as a Chocolate Labrador with white sclera, black pupils, a black nose, and a rounder head. He wears a plain cyan shirt, overalls with two different shades of blue. and light brown shoes with white buckles.


Danny is a loyal and intelligent boy who enjoys reading. He also has a passion for studying aerodynamics and wishes that he could fly, as revealed in the Maple Town Stories Movie, though he develops a fear of heights during his first experience on a hot air balloon. Eventually, he manages to overcome it, realizing that he is really flying.