Maple Friends is a series of collectible figures that were the primary toyline of Maple Town merchandising, which is more prominent in North American releases. In Japan, the figures were distributed by Bandai from 1986-1987. In North America, they were distributed by Tonka from 1987 to late 1989.

Each figure has a moveable head and limbs, an open hand where items can be held, and changeable clothing. The toyline also contains playsets such as a house and Maple Town School, furniture, and vehicles such as the Maple Town school bus and the Maple Town Train.

Maple Friend Figures (1986-87 in Japan, 1987-89 in North America)Edit

  1. Patty Rabbit
  2. Bobby Bear
  3. Rabbit Family (Mr. Rabbit, Mrs. Rabbit, Rachel Rabbit, and Ricky Rabbit)
  4. Bear Family (Mr. Bear, Mrs. Bear, Bonny Bear, and Buddy Bear)
  5. Fox Family (Mr. Fox, Mrs. Fox, Fanny Fox, and Freddy Fox)
  6. Raccoon Family (Mr. Raccoon, Mrs. Raccoon, Ruthie Raccoon, and Roxie Raccoon)
  7. Squirrel Family (Squire Squirrel, Mrs. Squirrel, Suzie Squirrel, and Skippy Squirrel)
  8. Beaver Family (Mr. Beaver, Mrs. Beaver, Bucky Beaver, and Bitsy Beaver)
  9. Dog Family (Dr. Dog, Mrs. Dog, Danny Dog, and Donny Dog)
  10. Mouse Family (Mr. Mouse, Mrs. Mouse, Missie Mouse, and Marty Mouse)
  11. Mole Family (Mr. Mole, Mrs. Mole, Maggie Mole, and Mikey Mole)
  12. Badger Family (Mr. Badger, Mrs. Badger, Bert Badger, and Betty Badger)
  13. Pig Family (Mr. Pig, Mrs. Pig, Penny Pig, and Polly Pig)
  14. Mayor Dandy Lion
  15. Miss Deer
  16. David Deer
  17. Wilde Wolf
  18. Oscar Otter
  19. Master Monkey
  20. Sheriff Barney Bulldog
  21. Kevin Cat
  22. Cathy Cat


  1. Panda Family (JC Penney, 1988)

Palm Town (1987)Edit

There are figures of characters who only appeared in Palm Town. Since it never aired in North America, they were exclusive in Europe and Japan.

  1. Rolley Cocker
  2. Joey
  3. Lamb
  4. Sheila
  5. Rolley Cocker's Parents
  6. Jane Pika
  7. George Pika
  8. Lilia Cocker

New Maple Town Babies (1988)Edit

6 baby figures were released in North America. Each figure wears a bib and a diaper and comes with a colored hooded bunting bag and rattle.

  1. Bunny Rabbit
  2. Cubby Bear
  3. Rusty Raccoon
  4. Sally Squirrel
  5. Benny Beaver
  6. Merry Mouse

Costumes (1988)Edit

In North America, 6 two-packs came with changeable costumes.

  1. Baseball and Cheerleader (Bobby Bear and Patty Rabbit)
  2. Night Out (David Deer and Miss Deer)
  3. Wedding Day (Mr. and Mrs. Cat)
  4. Firefighters (Bert and Betty Badger)
  5. Swim Time (Bucky and Bitsy Beaver)
  6. Scouts (Bobby Bear and Patty Rabbit)

European Exclusives:

  1. Skiing (Patty Rabbit and Bobby Bear)
  2. Tennis (Patty Rabbit and Bobby Bear)
  3. Wedding (Rosie, Groom, and Bunny Rabbit)


North AmericaEdit




  • The toy line is often confused with two similar franchises of the 1980s: Sylvanian Families and Forest Friends.