Roxie Raccoon (JP: Laura Strauss) is the middle daughter (once the youngest) of Mr. and Mrs. Raccoon (Cindy Strauss) and one of Patty Rabbit's friends. She is the sister of Ruthie Raccoon. She is presumably 8 years old. She also has a baby sister who was born in the 49th episode titled "Futago no Akachan". She was voiced by Chieko Honda in the Japanese version. 

Roxie Raccoon
Roxie Raccoon2
Roxie Raccoon
Species Raccoon
Gender Female
First Appearance "The Stolen Necklace"
Voiced By Chieko Honda (Japanese)


  • In a 1988 Family Home Entertainment advertisement for Maple Town and Pound Puppies VHS tapes, the announcer mentions Roxie over brief footage of Betty Badger. This is a minor error due to confusion between the two's raccoon-like appearances (it does not help that "badger" is an English mistranslation of tanuki, also known as a raccoon dog).